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Terra Aquatica Pro Organic Grow® 1L

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The first and only certified organic fertilizer suitable for all types of substrates and all growing methods!Pro Organic Series - Consists of Pro Orga..

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The first and only certified organic fertilizer suitable for all types of substrates and all growing methods!

Pro Organic Series - Consists of Pro Organic Grow and Pro Organic Bloom Fertilizers.

Pro Organic Grow is a highly concentrated, fully organic, one-component fertilizer in liquid form during the flowering stage of plants.

Fertilizers first appeared in 2004 (before the GHE rebranding, the line was called Bio Thrive), and since then this professional line of organic fertilizers has long been used for commercial cultivation, including by professionals such as the French company Les Sourciers Hydroponics

Pro Organic is a practical and effective herbal fertilizer that is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. This line is designed to provide plants with everything they need during growth, flowering and fertility.

The composition and formulation of Terra Aquatica (GHE) products are based on the principles of environmental protection, which allows you to respect the environment while providing plants with balanced nutrients. Pro Organic actively optimizes the root environment of plants through microorganisms that coexist harmoniously with plants. This provides the plants with the nutrients they need to ensure healthy growth, flowering and fertility.

Pro Organic is suitable for all types of plants and can be used as a complete product. This means that when used, your plants do not need additional elements for successful growth.

Pro Organic is highly soluble in water and is equally well suited for automatic drip irrigation and manual irrigation in traditional horticulture. It is the only certified fertilizer for bioponics (organic hydroponics).

* Important: When growing in soft water or coconut fiber, your plants may be deficient in calcium and magnesium, in which case we recommend using a calcium magnesium supplement.

Pro Organic Fertilizer is suitable for all types of plants and substrates, for growing in hydroponics, bioponics and outdoors.

Volume: 1 l

Manufacturer: Terra Aquatica (GHE). France

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