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Dear customer! 
Please carefully get acquainted with the use of the website and conditions.

This web page entering, you automatically agree to this Terms of agreement and are obligated to strictly follow all the chemotherapy ones, which is regulated by you by the use of the website. If you do not agree to contract conditions are obligated to immediately terminate the use of the website.

Definition of terms:
We – Bostanica Ltd.
You - a person who is included on the website; also legal person on whose behalf a natural person included on the website;
Services - online store;
Agreement - this document;
The use of the website when you:
Confirm that you are an adult person capable of contracting to take the web by means of Service and dispose of the relevant amount;
Will keep the contract provided for the use of the website conditions;
Presents us with the requested information fully and accurately in order to take advantage of our services;
Protect copyright and intellectual rights, will not carry out our website for current information fully or any part of copies and dissemination in any form and purposes;
Strictly protect your personal account security and Privacy, do not Gaumont to any third person in your mail, adjusting the accounts to be protected in your personal account of the existing asset and information;
Confirm that you are entitled to or owns all the necessary rights, permission for that use and permit the bostanika.ge to he use of any you by to him information provided in this Agreement and information security policy in accordance with the rules (which can be found on the website);
The website, the information you will not use any personal identifying information to gain access and commercial goals, including accounts under the name of e-mail addresses or other similar information;
Do not implement such actions, which are directed towards the other users personal and confidential information, including account security code of other customers, and personal asset;
Do not impersonate yourself to other costumers or not use other personal user data, and Page;
Do not implement any action which threatens the website or the services at the function.
Do not implement any illegal action also advertise our website or services through;
The website or services, you will not use any to create a be used for unwanted spam or e-mail ad;
Do not implement any action which is prohibited by legislation, these treaties and similar websites by means of service for the established rules;

Our responsibility
We fully accept responsibility for the customer against any and all damages, losses, claim, liabilities and expenses which are caused directly by our reason.

Payment performance when you confirm the consent that you pay a site placed on specific products for a fee. As soon as the fix you paid and select the payment form of the bank card or virtual account will be blocked for the appropriate amount of money. If any shortcoming (for example, technical defects, operator side) in a timely manner does not happen service delivery, our system appeals to the provider or the partner bank (whose WiLL Made payment) and sends a request to the customer bank account, the amount of the unlock/return of, (if payment is made through card account ). We can't be to pause the amount of the return process, the agility of. We take on the responsibility of existing opportunities within the framework as much as possible be involved in the process of chakra possession. Funds that are enlisted for your reference and request your chosen products to buy is not subject to refund if the products the suppliers to refuse successfully executed payment cancellation of.

Service and website terms of use
Our services are offered through the website are available in Georgia. We reserve the right at its own discretion will not allow or other form of limit to our service.
Restrictions on website use
The website, the information can be changed or removed without prior notice. Us can't get those services, which in our opinion violate the law. In addition, you are strictly prohibited from our systems or this website, any unauthorized use, in which prejudice is included in the We system, the unauthorized login, password, the improper use or website, any information posted to the improper use. You agree on the fact that we have the right to your use of the website supplied information, disclose and transfer: 1. US affiliated in any person and its authorized representatives 2. Any other person or organization with your consent; and 3. The relevant person or body of legislation, case information, the issuance of the rights or obligations exist. Your use of this website, it or IT Information believe you have information about such a transfer of a consent.

Limitation of liability
We do not guess responsibility and liability warranty of any kind, or conditions giving on this website are regarding; they disconnect between the website and user files, or user on the internet to use the navigation program or site entrance to other programs and other problems that the user may be encountered with the US independent of circumstances.

Intellectual property,
Is strictly prohibited in this website content, the unauthorized, wholly or partially, publish, copy, transfer, or storage. The ban does not refer to storage on a computer or printing for personal use only. Quote case the necessary legislation to dodge copyright protection. It is unacceptable the website, the trademarks and logos to reproduce, publish or distribute appropriate pre-without the permission of the right holder's prior written consent.

Possible flaws
Website of the entry delay can be caused by be:
Equipment malfunction in between them and not only computers, servers, networks, telecommunication lines and communications, other electronic and mechanical equipment malfunctions of the; program of malfunctions of the; system, the overcrowding, the; electric wires or other utility service supply or partial interruption of; of damage which is caused by natural events, bad weather, an accident, war, rebellion, the taking, terrorist act, civil malwares, total or partial strike or a labor process of other disputes; government or court-imposed restrictions, court decisions or other human intervention; Or any other reason (it will be listed above similar if Armas) that is not controlled by US.
Please note that if the access to this website is unavailable, delayed or Limited, or if this website does not operate quickly and smoothly, there is a high probability that you will not be able to service and pay finished the armed. Misunderstanding to avoid are obligated to refrain from using the website, using the/ service making from. If the above circumstances you can still continue the use of the website, The Come consequences and risk of pause are to you.

Another site with connecting links
On our website there may be links that will allow you the opportunity to are given a contact the other websites. Please note that the above on our side, in no way implies: other websites enter the recommendations of other websites or via their proposed products, services, opinions, ideas or information, the authenticity, the quality or credibility of the confirmation. Also, we do not guarantee that this site or its content is free of such pretension, which may be related to copyright, trademarks or third party rights of other violations. We also do not guarantee that such site or its content is free from viruses or other damaging factors. Please note that other websites may have a our vebgverds different security policy or other security practices, which is why it is necessary to get acquainted with this other site Policy before sharing you personal information.

Information security policy
Present information security policy includes bostanika.ge website (is meant by "Web-page", which is placed after Vesicare: www.bostanika.ge) related to information protection issues. We aim to your information security in the online space. Please read the present privacy policy to understand what information we collect from you (consumers) and how we use it. Information security policy for additional questions, you can contact us by e-mail bostanikagro w@gmail.com

User information and its terms of use.
We collect two types of information about our customers: personal identifying information and general information.

Personal identifying information
Personal identification information is information which becomes a particular user identification. We may ask you to provide certain information(such as your name, surname, email address and date of birth) when you our website via Artes any activities as, for example, to open an account with us or our partners to purchase products. The product fee for we may also ask you to submit your card number, expiration date, authentication code or other relevant information. The latter is not stored on our website as the payment is our partner bank, the protected page. Therefore, we have no access to your card information.

General identifying information
Please note that we we may disclose or provide the general identifying information to our partners. All of the above are intended to you have acceptable services to improve.
Information is updated and changed
You can change your any personal identifying information, website of your report in the relevant section of log the. We encourage you to promptly update your personal identification information to change the case. You can request your account information to delete. However, due to the fact that we are observing the old transactions, you cannot delete information which is related to the website implemented the old transaction. In addition, the US may become impossible throughout your delete information because we periodically take pictures of the information about the dress. Your card information is not inches on our website, but also created protected site, which provides and manage our partner bank. This latter their own information security policy has that Our the control field does not represent.
User choice information about the collection and use of
You can always refrain from using the information for more warmodgena. However, information about the performance, it may become necessary if you join the website, The any activity.

Information security
We are conducting a multi-adjusting the size of the personal identifying information to protect. Your personal identifying information on our website is only available with your user name and password in the reference case. This password is encrypted. We recommend that a third person will not do not share your password. In addition, your personal identification information is stored in protected server with only the relevant personnel and contractors have access to. We do not have any information on your card in connection with, and for us it is unavailable because your card partner bank, the control field in the fall. Please note that any data transmission via the internet or wireless network it is impossible to be absolutely and guaranteed safe. We are conducting a commercially reasonable security measures to protect data and also try the links establish only those organizations that are similarly handling this issue. However, we will not disclose Rimini guarantee vebgverds or from the website to transfer the security of information and shall not be liable for any third party actions that may receive any such information.

The present agreement agree and on the website by means of our service when it is considered that the contract is concluded in Georgia, namely in Tbilisi.In and dispute the existence of the cases he discusses Tbilisi City Court according to the Georgian legislation.
The agreement none of the provisions does not give rise to between you and our partnership, Service relationship or representation. This agreement has no third-party beneficiaries. You can't do that in the present contract or the contract for you granted rights and duties, fully or partially transfer to third parties with our prior written permission. Your by such action, any attempt will be invalid. If the present Treaty of Rome part will be deemed null and void or enforceable use, then contract the above part of the composite will be relevant legislation, while the rest of the parts will remain valid.