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Terra Aquatica Starter Kit ProOrganic®

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100% Organic Fertilizer Set for Best Results in Progressive Growing!Terra Aquatica ProOrganic® Starter Kit Includes:ProOrganic® Grow 500ml - 1 pc.ProO..

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100% Organic Fertilizer Set for Best Results in Progressive Growing!

Terra Aquatica ProOrganic® Starter Kit Includes:

ProOrganic® Grow 500ml - 1 pc.

ProOrganic® Bloom 500 ml - 1 pc.

Bloom Booster® 500 ml - 1 pc.

ProOrganic® Grow & Bloom is perfect for any type of plant and will do wonders in itself.

This package is absolutely enough to grow plants without any additives.

ProOrganic® Grow & Bloom opens very well and is well suited for automatic and drip irrigation systems, as well as for manual watering during conventional gardening. It is also the only nutrient certified for bioponics (organic hydroponics with recycled bare roots).

Bloom Booster® is a powerful natural flowering stimulant that causes vigorous flowering and abundant fertility. It increases metabolic activity and mineral absorption using biostimulants and organic transport enhancers rather than synthetic PGRs.

Bloom Booster® causes abundant, dense flower clusters during crucial flowering and fertility phases. The result is an impressive flowering and more fragrant fruit.

Bloom Booster® works naturally and allows plants to reach their maximum genetic potential.

How to use:

ProOrganic® Grow & Bloom

ProOrganics are very concentrated!

Maximum 2 ml on liter of water is sufficient in soil or hydroponics.

Shake the bottle well before each use.

Add each ingredient separately, mix well and be sure to rinse the measuring device.

Bloom Booster®

Bloom Booster® is used only during flowering / fertility, in the form of foliar spray or in addition to a nutrient solution:

In water (nutrient solution): 3-5 ml / L

Leafs spray: 3 ml / L


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