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Terra Aquatica Starter Kit DualPart Coco®

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This Pack is enough to grow 2 to 5 plants from seed to harvest!Starter Kit DualPart Coco® includes:DualPart Coco Grow® 0.5 l - 1 pc.DualPart Coco Bloo..

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This Pack is enough to grow 2 to 5 plants from seed to harvest!

Starter Kit DualPart Coco® includes:

DualPart Coco Grow® 0.5 l - 1 pc.

DualPart Coco Bloom® 0.5 l - 1 pc.

FinalPart® 0.5 l - 1 pc.

pH Down Powder® 25g - 1 pc.

DualPart Coco® is 2-part highly concentrated nutrient system for coconut substrate. It doesn't require additional calcium and magnesium supplements!!

DualPart® Coco is exceptionally rich in calcium and magnesium, but it also contains a full range of other elements that a plant needs for healthy and vigorous growth with abundant flowering and fruiting. This includes trace elements in amounts that give your final product all the aroma and flavor that your plant can develop.

Please note that DualPart® Coco Grow and Bloom should always be used together throughout the life of your plants, just change the ratio as the plants grow!

The fertilizer is very easy to use. Shake well before each use, add each part to the water separately, referring to the dosage in the table, mix thoroughly.

For the last 10 days, use the FinalPart® (Ripen), which is also in the kit to increase the number of flowers.

FinalPart® (Ripen) is a complete late bloom nutrient / stimulant that does not require additional enhancers. Increases flowering and production of active ingredients, as well as eliminates excess nutrients, maximizes yield and flavor intensity.


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