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OverGrower Automation Device

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Growing Automation Device OverGrower is a great assistant for a city farmers, which helps to get a harvest easily by controling of all neces..

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Growing Automation Device OverGrower is a great assistant for a city farmers, which helps to get a harvest easily by controling of all necessary parameters!

The device can control the growing area from one small hydroponic system to a greenhouse of 1 ha!

OverGrower® Device alone can control several growing and climatic zones, creating optimal conditions for plants in each zone!

Special conditions for growing place is not required.


The device has a system of 8 sensors, takes into account all parameters of the nutrient solution and the environments and corrects them itself. Creates optimal conditions for the best growth and development of a plants. The OverGrower is embedded in the ready-assembled hydroponic system.


Mixing of solution's components (1-, 2- or 3-components) occurs by based on the requirements of the plant growth stage. It is possible to use fertilizers of any brand.


Regulation of acidity of solution occurs by making special pumps with acid or alkali. Based on these pH sensors, pumps control the level of acid-base balance to optimum values.

Regulation of nutrient solution of trace elements is performed by making a proportional multi-nutrient fertilizers using the pumps. Based on the TDS sensor indications, pumps, proportionally adjusted to mineralization level of desired value indicating a concentration measurement units «ppm». It is possible to use of 1-, 2- or 3-component fertilizers.

Control of temperature in nutrient solution tank.

Air temperature control function. Possibility of connection of air-conditioner, air-heater or extractors

Automatic activation of an air humidifier according to the specified settings

Controlling and monitoring of lamps in the mode of supplementary lighting or completely artificial lighting as scheduled

Controlling of water level  by a sensors in a tank  and water supply pump

Supplying CO2 according to preset settings. Automatic activation of air ventilation to reduce carbon dioxide level

Ability to control using AirGrow® wireless technology. AirGrow® Base Station - a wireless access point connects to the device and controls the AirGrow® Module radio modules at a distance of up to 100 meters (up to 500 m with direct visibility).
Wireless control of devices, devices, sensors, pumps for simple and effective integrated automation of city farms and greenhouses.

OverGrower® hydroponics automation complex is a modular system. Can be easily enhanced with additional sensor, modules and control elements

Easy customization to your needs. Connect an unlimited number of devices in any order.
The device has a user-friendly interface. You can monitor and control the hydroponic system using the touch screen of the main unit, as well as the web interface from any device also. To remote control of growing just connect the OverGrower to the Internet via cable. Access page has a high level of security.
The OverGrower can work without connecting to the Internet, all data are rendered on the touch display.
Package Contents
1. Device with 5 pumps inbuilt and software already installed
2. pH sensor - 1 pc in a set (needs a maintenance once a month)
3. Combined sensor - TDS + solution temperature
4. Combined sensor - air temperature + humidity + illumination + CO2 concentration
5. Solution level sensor
6. Control unit of two outlets for controlling light and cooling lamps
7. Control unit of two outlets to maintain the level of solution and refilling.
8. Control unit of two outlets for controlling CO2 gas supply valve and extractor.
9. Power supply unit
10. Working manual with an access password to the user interface (supplied in the form of an e-document)
11. Cultivation procedures (supplied in the form of an e-document)

Warranty is 12 months.
Each outlet in each Control Unit is designed for a maximum load of up to 1.5 kW.

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