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Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush®

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Kushie Kush® is the only flower booster designed to meet the unique needs of your Kushie plant.The incredible Kushi variety is a native flower that gr..

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Kushie Kush® is the only flower booster designed to meet the unique needs of your Kushie plant.

The incredible Kushi variety is a native flower that grows in India, in the Hindu-Kushi highlands.

And there is nothing more exciting than watching the dark green colors and characteristic crystals on the crown of strong Kush Flowers.

But ... Kush has its own unique qualities and its own unique needs.

A well-known plant variety needs a very specific booster to get the best results.

Kushie Kush® is designed to meet the strict standards of Advanced Advanced Nutrients to get the most out of every plant: many large, fragrant flowers, followed by an abundant harvest.

Almost all flowering boosters contain phosphorus and potassium, which plants need in large quantities during the flowering period. But in addition to these elements, Kushie Kush® contains amino acids and trace elements that allow you to get more flowers, size and better quality of flowers.

Kushie Kush® booster is fully compatible with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom and Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur. This will not affect the pH Perfect technology used in them.

This supplement can be used in conjunction with all Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers and Additives.


Kushie Kush® should be used as a flower booster with your usual nutrient solution (ideally with pH Perfect Sensi or pH Perfect Connoisseur lines) from the first to the sixth week of flowering.

Fill the tank with clean water, add your basic fertilizer, necessary additives and 2 ml of Kushie Kush® per liter of solution. Mix well!

Attention! Never mix fertilizers, additives and enhancers (boosters) in concentrated form (directly from the bottle). Always add them separately to the water and mix well until the next substance is added !!!

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Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush®

Available Nitrogen (N) 1.00%

Phosphorus available (P2O3) 7.00%

Soluble potassium (K20) 17.00%

Magnesium (mg) 1.00%

Made in Canada

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