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Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice® Micro

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One single component from the Jungle Juice® Fertilizers line.The most economical offer from Advanced Nutrients - the optimal combination of price and ..

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One single component from the Jungle Juice® Fertilizers line.

The most economical offer from Advanced Nutrients - the optimal combination of price and quality - three-component basic mineral fertilizer Jungle Juice®

After hundreds of laboratory experiments on plants, scientists at Advanced Nutrients have developed a modern nutrition formula based on the classic three-part fertilizer.

With this formula, your plants get all the nutrients in the right proportions when they need them.

The main advantage of Jungle Juice® is its price!

At the same time Jungle Juice® is the highest quality fertilizer like all Advanced Nutrients products.

Jungle Juice® is compatible with all types of substrates and hydroponic systems.

It is essential to use Jungle Juice® as combination of Micro, Grow, and Bloom components.

The Jungle Juice® Micro component is always added first!

Jungle Juice® Micro gives your plants the right start and supplies them with high quality nitrogen, iron, calcium and other essential minerals in the right proportions.

Jungle Juice® Grow provides nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other secondary elements needed for vigorous growth during the growing season.

Jungle Juice® Bloom supplies the plant with phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur to produce large flowers with rich flavors and aromas for maximum yields!

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice® fertilizers are perfect for you if you want to save money and get a good harvest!



Jungle Juice® does not automatically adjust pH levels like other Advanced Nutrients' pH Perfect products, but it is compatible with all other Advanced Nutrients products.


• Shake well before use!

• Prepare and change the nutrient solution at least every week to avoid nutrient imbalance.

• Maintain nutrient pH levels of 5.5 to 6.3.

• For mixing recommendations, see the table below. Please add the exact number of components.

• Monitor mineralization (ppm) levels with TDS(EC) meter

• Reduce nutrients if plants show signs of stress or if they grow in a very bright, hot or dry environment.

• Always add first to clean water Jungle Juice Micro® and mix well, then add Jungle Juice Grow® and / or Jungle Juice Bloom®.

Jungle Juice® components are highly concentrated to the point of solubility.

• Protect from freezing and direct sunlight. The product may slightly crystallize in the bottle - this is not a problem. Shake the bottle until the precipitate disappears.

Never mix fertilizers together, undiluted, in concentrated form (directly from the bottle). Always add them separately to the water and mix well until the next substance is added !!!

Download Nutrient Calculator (Official Advanced Nutrients App)


Made in Canada

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