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Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X

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Enhancer of Flowers Size p and Essential Oils Formation."It's Never Too Late To Maximize Your Harvests!" - slogan of Bud Factor X Bud Factor X us..

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Enhancer of Flowers Size p and Essential Oils Formation.

"It's Never Too Late To Maximize Your Harvests!" - slogan of Bud Factor X 

Bud Factor X uses immune system stimulants to force the plant to fight parasites and diseases fiercely, without harming the plant. One of the most important effects of this product is to increase the production of essential oils, which leads to yield.

Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X is effective for any growing system and any type of soil or substrate. It strengthens the plant's immunity, ability to fight parasites, diseases and stresses.

Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X works on your plant's immune system by activating its natural defense system. This agent stimulates systemic resistance (INR): proteins and enzymes are released from plant cells to mimic an attack of infection.

The advantage of Bud Factor X is that it produces the WSS plant without causing any real damage; It simply deceives the plant with molecules such as those used by plants for the biosynthesis of BCC proteins.

Budd Factor X stimulates the production of beneficial enzymes that fight pests, diseases and stress. Also, the more enzymes the plant produces, the more essential oils it produces, hence the yield will increase significantly in quantity. And the whole plant becomes healthier and stronger.

As a bonus, Bud Factor X improves the condition of the root system, while the magnesium in the composition helps prevent deficiency, intervening chlorosis and leaf curl.


Bud Factor X can be used from the first week of the flowering stage. Stop adding it to the solution (or irrigation water) two weeks before harvest.

Add 2 ml on 1 L solution.

Bud Factor X can be used as a leaf spray, but this should be done before the flowers emerge to avoid excess moisture and fungal infections.

Do not forget that Bud Factor X contains magnesium; If you use other products that contain magnesium, observe the level of this substance in the final solution.

Attention! Never mix fertilizers, additives and enhancers (boosters) in concentrated form (directly from the bottle). Always add them separately to the water and mix well until the next substance is added !!!

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Made in Canada

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