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MYSEED - Reliable Partner of Bostanika

MYSEED - Reliable Partner of Bostanika

MYSEED Company is the N1 Online Grow Shop in Georgia, which owns and manages such brands as GreenLab and Myseed.ge.

The firm was founded in 2016 and included only online trade, and in 2017 the first branch was opened in Tbilisi, at 86 Irakli Abashidze, next to Vake Park. Today, the company supplies more than 150 agro and grow stores with various inventory and horticultural products.

This is a fantastic place for anyone interested in gardening, growing and propagating plants. Whether you want to start indoor or outdoor gardening, our store is well equipped to meet your needs.

In the store you will find a wide range of collectible cannabis seeds from leading seedbanks. We offer a complete consultation to select marijuana seeds according to your needs.

Growing plants at home can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. To create an optimal indoor growing environment, you'll need the right equipment, including an awning, lighting system, ventilation, plant care products, and the right soil. Here is a breakdown of each component:

Grow Box: A tent is a specially designed tent that provides a controlled environment for your plants. Homebox, Mammoth and Dobermann are the most sought after brands known for their quality products. Choose a size that fits your available space and the number of plants you want to grow.

LED Lighting: Proper lighting is essential for indoor plant growth. Lumatek, Cultilight and Marc Hydro are popular brands that offer professional lights for different stages of plant growth (vegetation and flowering). LED lights are usually better for their energy efficiency and spectrum diversity.

Ventilation System: Good ventilation is crucial to maintaining the correct temperature and humidity levels in the grow box. The ventilation system includes intake and exhaust hoods, fans, and charcoal filters to remove air and odors to provide fresh air to the plants.

Plant Care Tools: A variety of tools can help you care for your plants. Some essential tools include pruning shears, pH meters, EC (electrical conductivity) meters, temperature and humidity monitors, watering cans, and spray bottles.

Soil: The choice of soil is critical to the health and growth of your plants. You can choose from pre-mixed soil mixes specially designed for different stages of plant growth, or create your own by combining different components such as coco coir, perlite, vermiculite and organic compost. Make sure the soil has good drainage properties and is rich in nutrients.

Fertilizers: Plants need a balanced supply of nutrients for healthy growth. Depending on the type of plants you are growing, you may need specific nutrients at different stages of growth (for example, nitrogen during vegetative growth and phosphorus and potassium during flowering). There are various nutrient formulations available from well-known brands such as Advanced Nutrients, Canna and General Hydroponics. You can also buy universal fertilizers for vegetation, such as Black Jack or Black Diamond

Remember to first research and understand the specific requirements of the plants you are growing, as different species have different needs. Regular observation and care is the key to successful growing of indoor plants.

MYSEED offers not only equipment and accessories for the agro-oriented sector, but also a variety of nutritional supplements and personal care products made from hemp seed oil.

If you are looking for high quality CBD products, then you should visit our branches.

CBD vape: These are CBD-infused e-liquids or vape cartridges that can be used with a special vape machine or e-cigarette.

Here you will find Tatrahemp and vivius cartridges and batteries (if you already have an existing 510 thread battery or vape, you can adapt our cartridge to your existing one).

MYSEED - Grow Shop Tbilisi

You will also find alcoholic and energy drinks made from hemp extract.

Of course, none of the products mentioned above contain any THC.

When purchasing CBD products, it's important to make sure you're buying from a trusted source that provides high-quality products. Look for brands that provide third-party lab testing results to verify the purity and potency of their products.