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Not All Filters Are The Same!

Not All Filters Are The Same!

There are many players in the carbon filter market today, but one manufacturer stands out a lot. This is of course Rhino Pro®️ - the world's leading brand of carbon air filters. They use the highest quality pure Australian carbon and strictly production control. Therefore, these filters are of highest quality.

Rhino Pro® Carbon Filters are an aluminum cylinder that contains a fine-grained form of charcoal so called "Activated carbon" made using a special production technology. Each grain of activated carbon has a very porous surface. Activated carbon has an exceptional ability to cleanse and breathe the air impregnated with it. It does this by attracting impurities and odors to its surface, thereby cleaning air.

The bottom and top of the filter are made of 1.6 mm aluminum for lightness. The base is tapered for optimal airflow and the unit has a unique “air bypass” system.

Rhino Pro®️ filter must be installed inside the growtent and must be connected to the Extractor. It is important that all connections are tight.

The outside of the filter should not be covered or blocked as this will reduce the extraction speed and filter efficiency.

Rhino Pro®️ filters should be located on the inlet side of the fan, not on the outlet side.

The replacement dust prefilter should be removed and washed when it becomes dusty to maintain airflow.

The cheaper filters use a low quality carbon, so their service life is much shorter (typically 6-12 months). Since cheap filters need to be replaced 2-3 times in two years, the savings on them turns to be fake, and over time they are much more expensive to buy than the Rhino Pro®️ Filters.

Moisture reduces the efficiency and durability of the charcoal filters. Try to keep the humidity at a reasonable level (40% to 60%). This benefits both the filter and the plants!