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ONA - A New Generation Canadian Product

ONA - A New Generation Canadian Product

An odor neutralizer is indispensable when it comes to hydroponics. This applies to both large hydroponic farms and Indoor Grow Tents. The specific odor of this growing method is irritating and uncomfortable.

Regular sprays and aerosols are not an option because there action is short-term and the health benefits of sprays are highly questionable, not only for humans, but also for the plants themselves. When we are talking about medical crops, then it is impossible to use aerosols.

The solution to the problem is an odor neutralizer in the form of a gel, liquid or dry substance.

ONA - A New Generation Canadian Product

The Ona company was founded in 1995 in Canada with the aim of creating high-quality odor neutralizers that can be used in everyday life and in production, and, in particular, in the field of hydroponics. From the very beginning of the founding of the company, the developers have focused on the production of natural odor removers. The use of advanced technology, rigorous testing and a constant pursuit of excellence have led to the fact that the demand for ONA products has increased not only in Canada but also worldwide.

Gels, Waxes & Liquids

All Ona Products - gels, wax blocks and liquids are made from natural ingredients, therefore they are completely harmless to humans, animals and plants. To eliminate the unpleasant odor, just place the box of gel, block or liquid near the source of the odor. The substance begins to evaporate, and the odor molecule, reacting, is absorbed by these vapors. And since these substances contain essential oils, odor removers also work as natural flavors.