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Root Pouch - Pots That Breathe

Root Pouch - Pots That Breathe

Acclording to many professionals who choose to grow their plants on soil or substrates there is nothing better today than fabric pots.

The most special among many fabric pot makers is US Company Root Pouch. This family run business from Hillsboro (Oregon) produces fabric planting container designed really with the plants in mind.

Root Pouch fabric pots are different than any other fabric pot on the market, as they have natural fibers mixed in. The natural fibers allow the water and nutrients to be drawn to the plant when planted in the ground. Creating their own fabric allows them to create containers for most growing needs in all specific sectors such as Horticulture, Agriculture, Hydroponics, Propagation and Aquaponics.   

The root system is the engine that feeds the plants. Root Pouch Grow Bags are designed to make it the highest performing engine available.

In an ordinary pot, this process goes like this: the roots of the plants develop and, upon reaching the walls, begin to bend, trying to get around the obstacle, as a result of which an irregular root structure is obtained, the basis of which is several main roots with very weak branching. Accordingly, the plant itself will be weak and unhealthy. The development of such a plant is slow and sluggish. In textile pots, the plant has the ability to form an extensive and branched structure with a sufficiently large weight and volume of adventitious roots for the plant to develop quickly and correctly.

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