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SOG & SCROG. What’s the Difference?

SOG & SCROG. What’s the Difference?

Because of the grower community is so large, there are too many cultivation methods. But two of them are the most popular: SoG and ScrOG. By name they are very similar but technically very different.


Or Screen of Green is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the yield of your home plantation.

The central part of the SCROG method, of course, is the screen, or grid, which is fixed horizontally, in the middle between the lamp and the pot. The task of the grower is to distribute the branches over the entire area of ​​the network so that a continuous horizontal surface of the greenery is made. As a result, if you look at it from the bottom up, the shape of the plant looks more like a Baobab.

What is SCROG for?

To place all the fruits of the plant at the same distance from the light. In addition to using light efficiently and increasing yields, SCROG also allows you to keep the height under control, which is very important when cultivating high plants in a small grow boxes.


Or Sea Of Green - A method where does not need to manipulate the plant's branches. The essence of the method is that your plants (mostly clones) are planted in a high density, very close to each other. This allows you to take full advantage of your Growing Area. In addition, big energy savings are made because no space is wasted and all fruits are equally close to the light.

Another great thing about using SoG is that you can get your crop fast because you only need a little time for plant growth. After a few days, your plants will already be strong enough to enter the flowering phase.

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